Saturday, 28 June 2008

Advice still welcome!

This website starts at the bottom and finishes at the top (i.e Cornwall is at the bottom of the blog; John O'Groats is at the top.) You can read it either way round and you can give all readers the benefit of your advice at the bottom of any of the 'posts', by clicking on the word 'comments' and adding yours. Why not add you comment now, or at the other end of the 'end to end blog'.


Paul Crosland said...

"Measure twice, cut once"
(advice received from Chris Gidlow by text, June '08)

Anonymous said...

Fart as loud as you can.

Paul Crosland said...

& always be aware of your bum when knocking on a door

Paul Crosland said...

Presents I'd like for Christmas; available from Health Food Shops:

Miso (either light coloured barley miso or strong dark -hatcho) miso or (from the chill cabinet) miso with ginger or something equally lovely.

Rochester ginger drink

Wake-Up (or No Caf, or Barley Cup) -alternatives to coffee

Roisboos Tea

Vecon (a green jar or white pot)

Anything with dried cherries in it

Nuts galore

Rice crackers -any flavour (NB Not rice cakes)

Oat Biscuits (any flavour)

Lentils -puy lentils and green lentils in particular 

Short-grain organic rice

Yum-yum(s) or doughnuts.