Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Do you read a blog from the top or the bottom?

The first post on this blog was as follows:

"The rest of this blog (www.iwantyouradvice.blogspot.com)is for the words of people who I meet and who respond to the words: "I want your advice". Just in case no one ever asks for my advice, here it is, in five parts:
1) When you dislike or don't understand someone's behaviour, two of the questions you might ask are: "By what process can we come to understand each other better?" & "To whom, or to what principles, are you accountable?"
2) Whenever you want to communicate something to somebody, make sure that you are listening.
3) No one is right. Everyone is right.
4) The biggest challenge of the journey is letting go of the ego at the optimum moment. [To which a friend has already replied "Ego is functioning perfectly all the time. If you make ego the enemy then you are carrying the enemy with you forever."]
5) Above all, be generous and wise in your actions and appreciate the generosity and wisdom of all."
If you want to read this blog from Cornwall in South West England up to the tip of North East Scotland, rather than the other way round then this is the blog post to click on.

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