Sunday, 3 February 2013

2066 -the movie

Over 4 years since the first Lands End to John O Groats trip, I've come back to this blog again and again as this has been the bedrock for the now emerging '2066 -the movie' Here is a playlist that I'd appreciate your support in co-editing; any comments appreciated:

Monday, 3 December 2012

Seeking TV programme makers for a UK celebrity trip of a mid-life crisis time!

Do you know any programme makers to whom I could put this 1.5 minute pitch for a (celebrity accompanied) "End to End" trip like this one?:
I ask today (& risk a round robin) because I'm practising fearlessness today. I hope you're practicing generosity & thoughtfulness about friends of friends and their telephone numbers?
Mine is 07807066202.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Do you read a blog from the top or the bottom?

The first post on this blog was as follows:

"The rest of this blog ( for the words of people who I meet and who respond to the words: "I want your advice". Just in case no one ever asks for my advice, here it is, in five parts:
1) When you dislike or don't understand someone's behaviour, two of the questions you might ask are: "By what process can we come to understand each other better?" & "To whom, or to what principles, are you accountable?"
2) Whenever you want to communicate something to somebody, make sure that you are listening.
3) No one is right. Everyone is right.
4) The biggest challenge of the journey is letting go of the ego at the optimum moment. [To which a friend has already replied "Ego is functioning perfectly all the time. If you make ego the enemy then you are carrying the enemy with you forever."]
5) Above all, be generous and wise in your actions and appreciate the generosity and wisdom of all."
If you want to read this blog from Cornwall in South West England up to the tip of North East Scotland, rather than the other way round then this is the blog post to click on.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Advice still welcome!

This website starts at the bottom and finishes at the top (i.e Cornwall is at the bottom of the blog; John O'Groats is at the top.) You can read it either way round and you can give all readers the benefit of your advice at the bottom of any of the 'posts', by clicking on the word 'comments' and adding yours. Why not add you comment now, or at the other end of the 'end to end blog'.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

John O'Groats

  • "Get a stronger bike frame next time!" (Two cyclists from West Cumberland, 26/5/08)

[Drambuie and Coke to celebrate the blisters from the new walking boots!]

Thurso, North Coast of Scotland

[Shouted out by a cyclist]:
-Have you lost your bike?
[My answer] -The frame broke yesterday (again) so I'm walking the last 20 miles to John O'Groats.

Tain, Dornoch Firth (North East Coast)

(Video -Blamanche, Waves -a second version, complete with mermaids is lower in the blog).
Don't eat yellow snow.
(Andrew Penfold)

Near Tain

Try and find some Scottish Ladies.
(Ben Hins)

Loch Ness Youth Hostel

You know when you've done it, not when you get there - but about 10 miles before you get there.
Roger (Who did it on a supported (bags carried) CTC ride, with someone who did it 4 times that summer!)

Looking at Ben Nevis

  • Always cycle downhill; it's a lot easier! (Guy P Manherts, Louvain, Belgium)
  • What remains is the future ([unable to read first name] Demeester, Zoevsel, Belgium)


Don't take life too seriously.
Scott Robertson (car repairer and one-time bicycle welder -Friday 23rd May, many thanks for the 48 hour repair that lasted me to the North East coast of Scotland)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Catacol Bay, Isle of Arran

It's nice to have met Don Quixote & Sancho Panza on the journey of a lifetime.
(Andy Howie, 21/05/08)

Corrie Golf Course, Isle of Arran

"You don't learn from your mistakes - but know them when they come around again" (lyrics from Echobelly)
Jo Bowen, 21/05/08
(Jo is due to be married on Jura on the day the ride arrives John O'Groats -26th May)

Broddick, Isle of Arran

Get a grip on life; you've only got one chance; you never get past the door.


No one has ever hurt their eyes looking at the brighter side of life.

(Joyce, 20/05/08
Bed & Breakfast
Tel: 01387 247594)

Carlisle, Cumbria -2nd Encounter

It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done.
Karl Graham. (VENTHEAD)

Carlisle, Cumbria

Give a smile to everyone you see. They might smile back. Pass a smile on.
(Wyn 19/05/08)

Keswick, Cumbria -5th encounter

I walked it in 42 days. I did the London Marathon in preparation. Route taken:
  • South West Way to Minehead
  • Onto Bath then Cotswold Way
  • Then the Heart of England Way to Edale
  • The Pennine Way
  • From Glasgow, the West Highland Way to Fort William
  • Then to Inverness & upwards up the A9.

Enjoy it. It's like the curate's egg -good in parts.

(Vic Taylor)

Keswick, Cumbria -4th encounter

"Life is so brief that we should not glance too far backwards or forwards therefore study how to fix our happiness in our glass and in our plate."
(No XVII Emporium)

Keswick, Cumbria -3rd encounter

What a fantastic event you are doing; enjoy it! Hope to see you in Keswick again. (rivendell guest house). Hope you're not too saddle sore. XXXX

Keswick, Cumbria -2nd encounter

Just after halfway here in Keswick -all those short sharp nasty hills in the South West are behind you. It's all pleasure from now on. (Martin, YHA staff member)
-cycled the route in 2000 and ended it on my 39th birthday; have fun chaps.

Keswick, Cumbria

  • I recommend mindless kindness to help you feel good about yourself. (Susan Newton)
  • Get fit young. Keep fit -its not too lateto start when you are old! (Graham Newton 18/05/08)

Thirlmere, Cumbria

You'll make it if you want to -mind over matter. Enjoy!
Christine Roberts

Windemere, Cumbria

Blackburn racks will fall to pieces if you're cycling the length of South America or even just on a gravel road.
Ben Jackson, Edinburgh

Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria -Sublime Cafe

  • When making a cup of tea, milk in first gives the best results! (Julie)
  • Life's a journey, not a destination. (Louise)
  • ooh and life's a bitch and then you marry one!

Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria

Fort Augustus -Loch Ness to Urqhart Castle then over to Beauly & on to Dornock.
(Ray Dee, 18/5/08)

Low Gill, Lancashire/North Yorkshire/Cumbria border

Spread love & light
(Rachel Devereaux, 18/05/08)

Slaidburn, Lancashire

Let Go. Let God.
(Rosemary Ellis. 18th May 08. Slaidburn Youth Hostel)

Ashton, Greater Manchester

Never buy a mermaid a pair of socks.
(Lynton Prescott, Ashton Cycles, 17/5/08)

North Cheshire

You're nearly there!
(Woman in her 50s -shouted from a car)

Somewhere above the middle -I don't know best; we know better

Winsford, Cheshire

Read your Bible.
(Bill Ramsay, 17/5/08)


It's better to ask a question, and truly listen to the answer, than to make a statement.

(The minor difficulty with that is that it is, in itself, a statement.... but I think that it still holds!) Don

Shrewsbury, Shropshire

If you have a dream -go for it. If you aren't happy doing what you are doing; make a change. (Jackie W, 16/5/08


"You never stop learning"
"Looking out for each other, and after each other, is worth everything"
(Derek 15/05/08)

South of Hereford

  1. In Wales, a lot of the locals make up the pronunciations of their villages.

  2. There's been generosity on the road wherever I went, since the age of 14.

  3. In Scotland, past Inverness, Lairg & the Fools of Shin is a much nicer route. Go along Bettyhill and the top. (Jim Hollands)


"Don't let your braces dangle in the dust"
(Les, Revolutions cycle shop)

Welsh Bicknor, parting advice

Never go more than one step beyond.
(Saar & Vanil)

Welsh Bicknor, team mate's advice

"Shut up and ride your bike"

Welsh Bicknor

Some advice is shit, and people are full of it! (including me; excluding Alex, age 10)

Saar Yaniv

Between Tockington & the old Severn Road Bridge

"Shut up and share a cup of tea" (Alex, age 10)

"Smiley Ken makes our day" (Sharan)

Tockington, South Gloucestershire

Most people going by in their cars are very friendly. One or two of them stop sometimes. At Christmas they drop off cards saying 'thank you for waving at me in the morning; that makes my day". (Neil Kenneale 14/5/08)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Bristol, Easton Business Centre (3rd encounter)

"Stop fighting and love each other - the advice I frequently give my children"
Sarah 14/5/08
(Bristol - work)

Bristol, Easton Business Centre (2nd encounter)

"Be kind wherever possible. It is always possible"
HH Dalai Lama
Christine 14/5/08

Bristol, Easton Business Centre

Never try to take life too seriously - its too short!!
Jules 14/5/08 (Bristol - work)

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Engaging with people on the journey of life

Team Mountside HQ, Bristol

"What I really think you need is a jolly good shaggin. (yes, I really did say that. Here you are; it's in writing!) Satyadarshin 13/5/08 @7pm

Tiverton Parkway Station, Devon

If you want to do something, do it! (Alice)

Samford Peverell, Devon (2nd encounter)

Cycling is a must in your 60s & get a decent saddle. Wealth is best measured by how much you get out in the countryside in your 60s. (Dick & Sue, Plymouth)

Samford Peverell, Devon

When you get to our age you need to take drugs. Ibruprofan before a tennis match, wear a sports bra and remember to bring your shoes.

Tiverton, Devon -Blundell's School (2nd encounter)

"Alastair is gay" (Anon)
"Miles is a stud & Devon Rocks" (Alastair)

Tiverton, Devon -Blundell's School

"Live it, love it, leave it"